Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Online Science

Students are working in science on the chromebook. They are doing virtual labs and also taking assessments. If they do great on the assessment, they do enrichment activities and if they do poorly, they immediately do some remediation so they can reinforce the terms and concepts to help them on the unit tests!


We had a great time again this year going to experience the amazing things in the science, technology, engineering, and math industry. The kids were blown away and they enjoyed many of the different exhibits. Here are some pictures of the fun!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Boston Massacre

Students learned about the Boston Massacre and discussed the propaganda that was promoted by both the British and the Colonists through pictures and through their different newspapers. We discussed the differing accounts of the events and then watched a forensic recreation of the events to see if they seemed correct. The students made their own newspaper name and wrote a letter to the editor to discuss their opinions of what they think really happened and added their own picture.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Delta STEM Mobile

     Today the 7th/8th graders were able to enjoy STEM activities with Delta College at Bethlehem. They were able to do virtual reality, circuits, VR welding, make characters for video games, and work outside learning about projectile motion. They had a blast! The fun part was seeing some "OLD" technology with a vintage Apple 2E computer and a video camera with a floppy disk. :) 

Friday, September 21, 2018

FUN RUN 2018!

What an amazing day! It was rainy but it did not deter our students! They worked hard to reach our goal of over $1000.00 in the class and we are well over $12,500 for the fund raiser. Bring on the "Cow Kisser" Dr. Frederick and the GaGa Pit. They had a fun day walking, running, and dancing there way to 35 laps, which was equal to 2 miles. I was excited for all the students to cheer on their classmates to finish the full 35 laps and all of them helped one student by running with her for her last couple laps! How awesome is it that we celebrate the successes of everyone and when we show that love that Jesus shows us, it is special. Great job today kids! Love ya! Mr. Parks

Class was sweaty, but we did it!

Students run together to help another finish their 35th lap! :) 

Ashton, Jameson, and Cole finishing strong!

7th/ 8th Scientific Method (Real-life Lab) M&M's

Students worked in groups had a research question about M&M's. They wanted to know what liquid would take off the color coating of a M&M the fastest. They followed the 6 steps and found out the unknown liquid worked the fastest. The three clear liquids were water, hydrogen peroxide, and HCL. Here are some pictures from the lab.