Monday, May 8, 2017

Delta Stem Explorer

6th-8th grade were able to take one hour out of their day to go through many different STEM activities that they had seen with me in class and also some awesome things that we do not have in class. Half of the students were on the bus for 30 minutes to explore inside and the other half were outside learning about health, which is a STEM job. The students were riding bikes to find their amount of watts they could put out on a bike. It was competitive but fun!

Students listen to Nathan Elder about what is about to take place inside and outside.

Jeremiah, Zack, and Chris are exploring the universe with their VR!

Warren is working hard to build his electronic car!

Electric car finished!

Cade is working on how to weld through VR. Students at Delta go through this to learn the profession.

Ben is excited about doing the welding and getting a 90 on his score!

This screen shows you what they see when they are under the welding mask. Pretty AWESOME!

Anatomy 4D for the heart even vibrates to give you the feeling as if the heart is beating in your hands!

Autumn is doing some microscope work and she liked doing the C.S.I to find out the suspect.

Jeremiah is building some objects from the cards that were given to him.

How many watts can you put out? Donovan and Zack are having a blast, however, no one was able to reach 1.2 Jiggawatts!!! HA! (Back to the Future)

Garrett looking to make sure he has the highest average watts of 131 in the bicycling!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

STEM PROJECT: Civil Engineering and a Strong Tower!

Students were given chopsticks, popcicles, twine, and tacky glue to design and build a two story building that withstand as much weight as possible. They were able to put 94 POUNDS on their tower before it collapsed! This is the team that rocked it! Great job Justin and Mike!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Internal Dissection of "This Little Piggy"

Pig is starting to get cut from the next down around the umbilical cord and to the right and left leg.

You can see the small intestines and the umbilical cord coming inside the pig.
Students are locating the kidneys to the dorsal side of the pig on each side of the spinal chord?

The heart is in the middle of the chest cavity and the mouth was cut so the students could see the teeth, hard palate, soft palate, epiglottis, trachea and esophagus entrance.

Students start to look for the large intestines and notice the mesentery covering it all.

Picture of the chest cavity with lungs and heart with the small intestines on the far right.

The left and right hemisphere of the brain. They thought it was so cool!

Garrett is locating the gall bladder and the spleen.
Students reviewed by watching a video through EDpuzzle and answered questions periodically throughout the video. They had to watch the entire video and were not able to skip ahead.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Getting to know our fetal pigs!

We are beginning our dissection on the fetal pig and these are just a few quick picks of them lovingly holding them before we begin to investigate their external and internal structures. The 7th graders can't wait!
Logan is looking lovingly into "Wilbur's" eyes!

Amber has the biggest pig out of everyone. It is huge and the only boy!

It looks as if Camari is giving chest compressions to try to revive the little girl. :)

Hailey is showing her piggy off like it is a newborn baby. HA!

Cade is very excited about the upcoming days.

Celeste is holding the pig like it is a new puppy. :) 

Waves Review!

Physical science was reviewing the characteristics of waves with a fun Kahoot game! They absolutely love it because they compete to see who gets the most points. The faster you answer the question, the more points you get!

Action shot of Luke getting ready!

I sure hope they know this one. :) 

Autumn loves the game because she wins so much! On the other hand, Matt looks like he is praying that his answer is correct!

He is at ease because he nailed it.

I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW! It is resonance. :) 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Waves, Waves, And More WAVES!

Students were working on making waves and taking concepts learned to see visually the effects of water dropped from a dropper at different heights and lifting one end of the bin and setting it back down. They had to explain what was happening using amplitude, speed, frequency, and wavelength in their answers to compare them. Furthermore, they put up barriers and barriers with two opening to see the different refractions, defractions, and the interference that was made in each case. They did a great job!
Matt just finished measuring the amount of water needed for the lab and his classmates are entering data about a wave that was produced when one side of the bin was raised 4 centimeters off the ground and then returned it to the floor.

Clare is using an eye dropper at different heights to see the wave created from it .

After using eye dropper to drop water in the center, the students dropped water near the edges and noticed the waves were  reflecting off the wall from the angle of incidence and reflecting off at the same degree.

Luke doing his initial low water droplets.

Students have a floating object in front of a barrier to see the refraction that goes on past the edges of the barrier and the wave that hits directly in the center of the barrier reflects back.

Waves against many different barriers.

Autumn setting up her barriers with two small opening to show how destructive interference happens on the other side of the middle barrier.