Friday, March 15, 2019

Ecosystem STEM Project

7th grade life science students from Bethlehem are studying ecosystems and how humans can affect them. They had to work in groups to design an animal crossing for a new highway that was going through a forest ecosystem. They had to build it to a 1/50 scale. The students researched a forest ecosystem to find out what are the largest animals that live there, how high they jump, and population. They had a $500,000 budget (using a ledger) to buy from my store to build their bridge that would look like a forest ecosystem and cater to the weight of the heaviest animals. The students had to have their bridge hold 30lbs of weight, which was the weight of one large moose in scale. The students finished their project by using an Aurasma app to take a picture of different items and have a video pop up when you hover an Ipad over it and it would describe the process of the build, the challenges they had, and what they would do different. They did a great job!
Computer design of what they are going to build!

Students understand that triangles will bring more support with their bridge! :) 

Trying to figure out the materals to help them build the bridge.

Hot glue time! 50K for renting a glue gun and 5K to buy a glue stick!

Khloe working at getting the right height of the walls of the crossing so the largest animal in a forest ecosystem can't jump over it! 

The beginning of something beautiful!

Trying to figure out what is the most cost efficient way to build a sturdy bridge. 

Deciding on the median support post.

Amani putting in work!

In progress

1/2 way done!

Project coming along

Aurasma App being used for people to come by and scan over a picture and see a video of the project. :) 

Holding up some lbs!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Lutheran School's Week Charger Pride Day

Enjoy the pictures from Charger Pride day! It was a fun week and we enjoyed talking about our REAL. PRESENT. GOD!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Prayer Walk (Lutheran School's Week)

8th grade students went a prayer walk in our neighborhood next to the church and school. We walked around and looked at homes and other things that would let us know a little bit about them. We prayed for people with addiction, disabilities, financial problems, success in selling a home and having another family come in soon to enjoy the house, and for people that had a cross on their house (that they would be the "light" in the neighborhood and witness to others. The kids really enjoyed it because they said that they pray for the people they know but understand the importance of praying for ALL people. It was a great experience!

Students in front of the old church. We discussed the importance of being the next generation of Christians where we fill up the churches instead of closing them. We should all be sad when any church closes because we are one Christian church and when you lose a church in a neighborhood, it leads to a ruined neighborhood where people don't get to hear the word and they end up leaving the area.

Marble RollerCoaster (Energy Unit)

Students worked together to make a rollercoaster that was fun with turns, loops, drops, and rises. The student had to know about potential energy, kinetic energy, total kinetic energy of the track, total potential energy, average speed, and know the speed of gravity. They had to make sure that their roller coaster worked 10 out of 10 times to be safe. They did a great job! Enjoy the pictures!