Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Edible Cell Projects! Yummy Learning!

Students are learning about the organelles inside the cell and what their functions are. They made a plant and animal cell and labeled each of the parts with whatever ingredients they wanted! We had fun eating them after we graded them!

Discovering Microscopes in 7th grade!

Students in 7th grade life science are discovering how the microscope works with regards to magnification and resolution. They looked at eight different specimens under the microscope and answered questions on them. They had a great time!

Bible Time!

Students were handed a 52 week Bible reading checklist to read the whole Bible in a year. As we go through the year, I hope to get them through as much as possible and then they can finish in the summer. Anything to get them to be in His Word!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Seesaw App (Digital Portfolios)

     Students are beginning their digital portfolios this year! With the Seesaw App, students will be able to document their "AHA" moments of learning and show it through video, pictures, and writing to show their parents some cool stuff that's happening in the class. Students will be able to grab an iPad at any time and start to document what they have learned and I will invite the parents to be able to see what they are doing. It is like a secure Facebook that other students can comment on each others successes, as well as parents being able to send a video back or comment when you receive an email or text that you student has posted something to their portfolio. I have to approve all posts so no worries on having something posted that shouldn't be. We have went over the etiquette that is expected of the students and I look forward to sharing these at the parent/teacher conferences in November!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Scientific Method/Penny Lab 7th and 8th Graders

We are starting out year out learning safety rules for labs and how to do them properly. We were able to start a lab on surface tension by seeing how many drops of water can be placed on a penny before falling off. Some students got 50 drops on a penny before the water fell off the penny!

Brain Breaks!

Every day students need some exercise and some time to relax their brains! I incorporated brain breaks this year into my schedule so I don't forget and the kids love it. Here are some pictures of the break we just had. One team was able to untangle the human knot!

Friday, August 25, 2017

We are Baaaaaack! 2017-2018!

Hello 7th/8th graders! It is that time to come back to school for some spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth and I can't wait to get started! It is going to be a fun learning environment and we are going to lead by example for the rest of the school how it is to be a Bethlehem Charger.

We have had a lot of changes done in and around the school that I think you will be excited to see. The 8th grade room is going to look different with flexible seating and standing desks with swinging bar for your feet when you get "antsy". My desks for you this year were on back order so they are not here yet, so we will use the round C2C tables for now. The new ones will be in a clover leaf style in a cool color and will have four students per table. We might get lockers for all your books and materials so you will not have to have a bunch of stuff on your table during each class. We have new posters all of the walls and new interactive notebooks for math. Also, I have two locations for when students are done with work and they can sit and read quietly and relax too!

Lunch time is going to look different because we will no longer be eating in the classroom. We will be in the Youth Room and then on Friday's we will do "Flip Friday's", where we will combine different classes for lunch so they get to know each other and have a little time socializing.

I had a nice summer break with the kids going up north, hanging with friends and family, and helping my father fix up his new cabin. I look forward to many years in that cabin that is right on Big Bear Lake!

Again, I hope you all had a blessed summer and are ready to learn more about God's great love for you and His creation! See you on Monday

In His Grip,

Mr. Parks