Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bowling Competition!

Every year we go bowling and I only bowl once a year on this day! I have a standing bet with any student that wants to bet me on a game. If I win, I shave their head and if they win, they shave my head. I have had several bets and never have lost and they lost all their hair! This year we bet that they could beat me if I bowled between my legs. Unfortunately for them, I bowled a 153 and beat all of them, but fortunately for them, they only had to do 20 pushups for the loss. It was a good time had by all!

Christmas STEM Extravaganza!

Students on the last day before CHRISTmas break were able to have a great chapel with family and friends and then do crafts or STEM projects the rest of the day before our individual parties. I did two STEM projects for 5th-8th grade. We did a STEM project with building a tower without touching any of the cups and only using limited supplies. Also, we did a project where they had to build a CHRISTmas tree with toothpicks, skewers, and candy. It was a fun time!

Balancing Equations!

Students in physical science have been learning about the four different chemical reactions of synthesis, decomposition, and single/double replacements. They learned about how to write formulas from names and names to formulas, along with balancing compounds using their oxidation numbers. We also introduced polyatomic ions into the mix! They have learned about conservation of mass and how the reactants you start with must be the same as the products you come up with when you do a chemical reaction. They are practicing really hard to balance with coefficients so they can conserve mass! I am so proud of their progress!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Comparing properties of ionic compounds and molecular compounds with conductivity!

Students found that ionic compounds conduct electricity really well! We tested salt water and sugar water and it worked with salt water!

Covalent bond/ Molecular compound activity with GUMMY BEARS!

Students learned about covalent bonds and put together molecular compounds to understand the amount of bonds that must be between different non metal elements. They learned about how Hydrogen=1 bond; Oxygen = 2 bonds; Nitrogen = 3 bonds; and Carbon = 4 bonds. They also learned about single, double, and triple bonds between atoms. We had fun and they were stuffed with gummy bears after it was all over! :) 

Ben giving that face where the "wheels are turning" and he is very interested and perplexed about how to make the next molecular bond. I love that face!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Genetics Monster Lab

The students did a lab building monsters using their knowledge of Genetics. They learned about Punnett Squares, genes, traits, alleles, homozygous, heterozygous, and how a dominant and recessive trait shine. They picked five traits to do and flipped a coin for a 50/50 chance of drawing a dominant or recessive allele. After they flipped twice, they had one trait for that new monster child and then had to draw it on their bodies. They had to write all the phenotypes and genotypes on the back of their monsters too! They made some funny and scary monsters!

Special Friend's Day: STEM competition!

We had a great day with our special friends at chapel and then we came back to the 8th grade room. The class and friends were split up into six groups and they did two different STEM activities. First, we had to build a tower with cups and only could use one of each for all participants in the group: One rubber band, one cotton ball, and one straw. They could not touch the cups at anytime with their hands and the team with the highest tower, wins! It was great to do but then I added a rule to the winning team, which was to only allow them to use one hand and the other teams could not talk to each other. What fun! The last activity was to build something with 8 pieces of paper and tape to hold up books. We had a team that put about 15 books on four pillars that were round. We found out that round pillars are better than rectangle or triangle pillars because the cylinder pillars distribute the weight all around and not on a corner. Great job everyone!